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At the entrance to the Ancient city of Petra, Jordan, there is a charity hospital that treats working horses and donkeys for free. (Petra is where Indiana Jones was filmed).

The Brooke Hospital for Animals was founded in Cairo by an Englishwoman named Dorothy Brooke. In October 1930, her husband Brigadier Geoffrey Brooke took command of the Cavalry Brigade in Cairo, part of the British occupying force that remained in Egypt after World War I.

The Ancient City Of Petra

Sizing Horseshoes With Dr. Ali

Dorothy, concerned with the fate of the British enlisted horses abandoned at the end of the war, founded an organization to rescue them. It was out of this organization that the Brooke Hospital for Animals was born.

(Registered Charity # 1085760) Their family continues this important work which is based in London. There are currently clinics in Egypt, the Nederland, Pakistan, and India as well as the one in Petra.

These horses and donkeys are the livelihood of the people in Petra. There is a long, winding cobblestone road that leads down into the ancient city (approximately 2 miles).The horses carry tourists by carriage into Petra. When I was there in 2002, we rode in a cart pulled by one of these horses. They slip and slide on the rock surface and suffer many injuries including sprains and cuts to their legs. It is unforgiving work for these poor creatures that support an entire family! When these horses are injured and cannot work, their family suffers a great loss of income.

Treasury Building In Petra

Examining An Injured Horse
The hospital’s motto is “Help the horse, Help the people”. We are sending plastic horseshoes to them to improve the footing traction for the horses.
As a horse-lover, and in the interest of improving the lives of those less fortunate, I feel it is a worthy cause.
SonRise Farm Arabians has on consignment Authentic Native Arabian Tack for sale made by craftsmen in Petra to raise money for the Horseshoes for Humanity Project. If you would like to help with the horseshoes or would like to purchase some Authentic Native Arabian Tack, please contact me for further information.

Dr. Ali On A Horse


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Some information taken from the book,
OASIS… 60 years of the Brooke Hospital for Animals- by Sarah Searight



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